Monday, 6 October 2014

Daily Skincare Essentials

Originally I am using this, but later I realized one of the main ingredients is Rose Hip Oil and I tend to have mild allergic reactions to it :(
I really love the texture of the sunscreen. It is foam like and easy to spread on skin.
I have since switched to COOLA Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose

I am a big fan of toner. I cannot do without toner at all. When I am feeling lazy, I will just mist my face with toner and pat it a few times and that's about it. I am using Soapwalla in the day and Kiehl's at night.

This is my #1 natural deodorant and it works really well. I have also tried Meow Meow Tweet and is waiting for my Schmidt's Deodorant to arrive. My mum introduced all of us to deodorant since puberty because she is afraid that we will be smelly in school and get ostracized. I guess she worried too much and now all of us in the family use deodorant more of like a habit.  

Despite my efforts to use mostly natural products, I cannot move away from Clarins. I stopped using this for a while and my face was literally sagging! I was horrified and bought 2 more bottles to store at home so I will never run out of it at any point in time. That is how powerful commercialized products are and how dependent we can be once we started on it.

#5 ILIA Mascara
My first natural mascara. It's good that it doesn't irritates my eyes and doesn't have any strong chemical smell. So far so good but I'm looking forward to explore other natural mascara too.

#6 ILIA Lip Conditioner
I love this! It is like a tinted lip balm so I don't need to apply another layer of lip balm before this. It has a very light sheen of colours and I'm not worried if I "ate" the whole stick of this.

#7 All facial oil from One Love Organics
I have almost all the facial oils from this brand. Love love love!
In fact, I use cleansers from this brand too. Too bad it is not sold in Singapore and shipping can be very expensive :(

#8 One Love Organics Vitamin C Facial Serum
This is my current favourite. It smells so good and is very moisturising without being greasy. And it acts really well as a makeup primer too.

Thursday, 2 October 2014


A friend was sent on a business trip to Fukushima, Japan.

How I reacted:
"OMG! How can? Can you request not to go? Can't? Oh no. Better get radiation preventive medication from doctor."

Typical workaholic. Work before health.

How Mel reacted:
"She should resign. This is not ethical. Some insurance doesn't cover that city now. Resign, definitely."

Health before anything else, with some logic and facts. Perhaps not worried about supporting family.

How someone avoided a business trip to Fukushima:
"I think I may be pregnant."

A fresh grad on his first business trip:
"Awesome! Japan! Can extend and stop by Tokyo! Can't wait!"

Eventually, my friend went on her trip with medication to prevent radiation poisoning. And through conversations with different people of different ages and experiences, the reactions are different. 

Maybe age has made me worry more. But I mostly have taken health for granted.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Blanket of Stars


"People told me the nicest stars are in Australia, so it's true."

I said to a friend's brother in my dream. But he doesn't exist in real life because my friend doesn't have a brother. Creepy but the night sky in my dreams are as good as the sky I've seen in Kiruna, Sweden over a frozen lake in total darkness at -40 degree Celsius winter.

Perhaps Australia is calling out for me.
A visit maybe?

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